jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Practical part - Vanesa and Noemí's Video

The following video it's about our compositions of the subject 22033 Llengua Anglesa: Aspectes Formals i Comunicatius.

Enjoy it!

And this is the writing of my composition:

My name is Noemí. I’m 26 years old and I was born in Ibiza. Nowadays, I've been living by myself since last January. I’m studying the third year of Infantil Education at University. At the same time, I’m working in a shop which sells bags, luggage and other accesories. It’s really a challenge.

I like studying Infantil Education because I have always liked children. Years ago, I studied a vocational education course of Infantil Education. In the future, I hope to find a job in a state school.

In my free time, I meet my friends and we usually go for a drink. In summertime, my favorite plan is going to the beach. When I’m at home, I usually study or watch TV. What I like most is to travel to other countries, this year I will go to a Caribbean island.

That’s my life and I’m very happy.

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Practical Part - Writing an eMail and Essay (Audio)


Dear Mary,

I'm really happy to hear from you! I have some good news, but first at all I have to tell you that I'm happy about your news, you are going to be mum! It's incredible, congratulations!

And now let's talk about me, I'm studying my third year at Univesity, and at the same time, I'm working in a store. This is very difficult for me but I know that I can! Next year it's the last and I'm happy about this. In the future I would like to work un a state school. 
I want to tell you my good news, I'm living in a flat in Ibiza with my boyfriend. Could you tell me you home addres? I would like to send you a present for your future baby! When yo have the baby, I will go to Madrid to meet him/her. And now be careful, ok? Write soon.

Best regards,



Nowadays, the way of teaching in our schools is easier than the traditional way for many reasons, but is the traditional methodology better or not?

On the one hand, I'm in favour of modern methodologies because from the teacher's point of view, children can learn a lot, in other words, children have many opportunities to develop and they have fun. Teachers also can prepare a lot of activities for students, such as activitites using the new technologies

On the other hand, I'm opposed to the traditional methodolody because it's not the best way to teach. In my opinion, this methodology is dangerous for many reasons, for example, children's development is very quiet and they always do the same things in class. In other words, students feel bored and tired of going to school.

In conclusion, I think the traditional methodology isn't better than the modern methodology, which is a creative way of teaching and children will learn a lot. What do you think?

The following audio it's a record about my own essay:

domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Reflexió sobre "L'anàlisi dels anuncis de joguines"

El nostre treball per aquesta assignatura va ser un anàlisi dels anuncis publicitaris de joguines, tant presents a la televisió a la vida dels infants i tant influents per ells. 

Penso que com a docents hem de tenir una visió crítica davant els anuncis publicitaris, especialment els de joguines, ja que la majoria d'aquests transmeten una sèrie de valors negatius que poden afectar als infants de moltes maneres (personalitat, consumisme...).

Per a l'elaboració de l'anàlisi sobre els anuncis, hem buscat molta informació sobre l'evolució dels anuncis (des de la dècada dels 50 fins a l'actualitat). Fent aquesta recerca hem vaig adonar que els valors que es trasmeten als anuncis de les joguines no han canviat tant en el pas del temps, i les joguines tampoc. Fins i tot, avui dia continua estant present els rols sexites tant criticats per la societat, i tant influents en els nostres infants. Com per exemple, pel que fa a les nenes, el rol de maternalisme continua present actualment; o la importància que es dóna  la bellesa, creant nines que semblen dones, i que es veu molt reflectat en els anuncis. Pel que fa als nens, els ninots superherois, jocs de futbol, cotxes... transmeten valors com la força, la valentia o el coratge.

Molts d'infants creuen tot el que veuen als anuncis això provoca un consumisme important, ja que els infants volen i demanen als seus pares que li comprin les joguines que s'anuncien a la televisió, i molts de pares no ho saben controlar.

En definitiva, la publicitat infantil és un tema que no s'ha de deixar de banda, ni per part dels pares ni pels educadors, ja que hem d'educar en valors positius i hem de potenciar una visió critica envers els anuncis per a que els infants puguin esdevenir futurs ciutadans crítics i puguin llegir els missatges que amaga la publicitat.